Contents of Issue 62(2017)-1A

List of papers

01 Hou Gang, Niu Xiaoqi, Li Bing, Zhu Liyang: Study on the passive solar house with water filled cavity
02 Yin Ni, Yonglai Zheng, Fang Li: The damage effect of explosions on immersed tube cross-river tunnels
03 Yemin Cai, Zhendong Wang, Peiyi He, Zhuohao Lu, Jia Tang: The industrial network system design based on PROFINET
04 Jun Li, Zonglin Wang: Predictive study on tunnel deformation based on LSSVM optimized by FOA
05 Jicai Li, Bowen Yu, Jingbo Su: Active earth pressure with consideration of displacement effect of retaining wall
06 Haibo Liang, Xiaodong Wang, Jie Mei, He Zhang, Weishi Chen, Guoliang Li: Application of a fuzzy neural network based on particle swarm optimization in intermittent pumping
07 Min Xiang, Wenya Wang, Tian Li, Qinghua Ai: Analysis of rigid frame bridges with different high piers’ dynamic behavior and seismic fragility
08 Xiao-Hui Lin: Method and simulation of arterial coordination control based on the intensity of vehicle arrival time in connected-vehicle network
09 Donglin Wang, Jiaqi Huang, Bin Xie, Lei Yan: New approach for detection of giant panda head in wild environment
10 Jianhua Yang, Jiang Xiao, Wansi Fu, Jiawen Chen, Lei Yan, Shuangyong Wang: Image processing and identification of lumber surface knots
11 Zhaozhun Zhong, Miao Guan, Xinpei Liu, Hongjing Zheng: Piecewise affine modeling and explicit model predictive control for non-inverting buck-boost DC-DC converter
12 Ping Li, Kaiyu Qin: Robust H_infty rotating consensus control for second-order multi-agent systems with uncertainty and time-varying delay in three-dimensional space
13 Hongping Pu, Kaiyu Qin: Application of quasi Monte Carlo polymerization re-sampling particle filter algorithm in airborne passive location
14 Weiqi Cai: The application of graphics creativity in product design
15 Lu Li: Integration of information security and network data mining technology in the era of big data
16 Bo Yu: Analysis of the evaluation system of energy enterprises based on KPI evaluation system
17 Gao Xiaoxu: Design and key technology of coal mine safety monitoring system based on analytic hierarchy process (AHP)
18 Weilong Zhang, Tao Yu: Optimization scheme of computer network reliability
19 Lin Zhi-Xiong, Zou Wen-Ping, Zheng Bin: Research on performance detection system and damage identification method based on civil engineering structure
20 Wang Zhanjun: Application research of virtual reality technology in environmental art design
21 Hongping Pu, Kaiyu Qin: Application research on an extended fractional lower-order cyclic music algorithm in radio frequency narrow band signal time delay estimation in wireless positioning
22 Gang Hou, Xiaoqi Niu, Liyang Zhu: Preliminary exploration of escape slide
23 Li Rongjian, Liu Xia: Natural frequency of PC composite simple supported beam with corrugated steel webs
24 Shijung Wang: Engineering management informationization based on computer information network technology
25 Fei He: Industrial product graphic design based on visual communication concept
26 Wenyan Zhao: The redesign of brand visual identity in the information age
27 Jing Dong: Research and application of virtual reality technology in the restoration of ancient buildings in Huizhou
28 Xiaorong Zhou, Lidong Huang, Hua Zhang: The influence of bearing stiffness and gear helix angle on the vibration noise of reducer
29 Xiong Sheng Wu: Railway signal simulation system based on microcomputer interlocking
30 Hu Rongqun, Li Wenying: Research and application of ASP technology in dynamic web page design
31 Maomao Liu: Application of 3D printing technology in the production of modern complex structure sculpture
32 Hou Yan: Application of X optical intelligent detection technology in the field of electronic production
33 Zhifang Zhang: Web image retrieval based on cloud computing model
34 Hanyang Jiang, Danhua Wang: A parallel algorithm based on CPU/GPU dynamic coordination control and scheduling
35 Zhen Wang, Yuelin Gao: A balancing artificial bee colony algorithm for constrained optimization problems
36 Kuang Tai: The application of digital image processing technology in glass bottle crack detection system
37 Yanjun Shi, Cheng Feng, Yanfang Shen: Research on graphic design based on digital media
38 Xiaorong You, Hao Pei: Application and simulation analysis of C++ in sweep robot control program
39 Jiao Hongtao: Performance simulation of electronically controlled cooling system for automotive engines
40 Zhu Yanqin: Application of cross correlation algorithm in micro sensor detection
41 Zhangyun Wang: The pH value control of clarifying process in sugar refinery based on fuzzy control
42 Jie Zhang, Bin Wang, Tao Yang: Application of simulation material for water-resisting soil layer in mining physical simulation
43 Jinmei Wu, Han Peng, Haicheng Zhu: Optimization design and motion simulation of multi-link mechanism based on mechanical press
44 Lijun Han: Layered space-time coding (LSTC) technology and its application in mobile communication systems
45 Linbin Wu, Jian Yang: Application of ISP technology in the design of intelligent instruments
46 Hongyan Zhang, Zhiping Zhou: Design and implementation of energy management system software in green building
47 Han Zhixia: Modeling and analysis of complex pipe network taking into account the vulnerability of pipe network
48 Guo Lei, Gao Zhigang: Design of high-speed acquisition system based on computer fuzzy image and information data
49 Ximeng Wen: Hierarchical phrase machine translation decoding method based on tree-to-string model enhancement
50 Han Peng: Electric vehicle control system based on CAN bus

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