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List of papers

01 Ning Wang, Daochun Xu, Wenbin Li, Chen Chen, Yongsheng Huang: Feasibility study of a new thermoelectric conversion device utilizing the temperature differences in forest soil
02 Qingyou Yan, Youwei Wan, Xu Wang: Competitive evaluation based on integer-valued DEA model with different constraint sets
03 Han Peng: Insulation and monitoring system for pure electric vehicle based on microcontroller unit
04 Yang Yu: Dynamics and simulation analysis of table tennis robot based on independent joint control
05 Xiaoling Xu, Weicui, Tianyun Zhang: Security dynamic performance evaluation method of ad hoc network based on anti-attack model
06 Haibo Liu: Seismic performance analysis of frame and frame-shear wall structures based on energy balance
07 Jumei Zhang: Fault diagnosis methods of rotating machinery based on mathematical morphology
08 Shuna Zhou: Design and application of computer network system integration based on network topology
09 Rongsheng Liu, Minfang Peng, Xun Wan, Haiyan Zhang, Wei Zhou: Evaluation of transformer insulation condition based on cloud matter element model
10 Lijun Xie, Wenhui Yang: Simulation study on automotive EMB system based on self-tuning fuzzy PID control
11 Li Ke, Yin Ke: Application of structural bending differential equation algorithm in bracing composite structure
12 Chen Yan: Design and kinematic control simulation of wheeled mobile table tennis manipulator
13 Yantian Zhang, Yuhang Chen, Jinsong Tao: Electric braking method in hydroturbine generating unit and transformation scheme
14 Lian Dai, Yulin Lai, Mengliang Shao: Application of electronic information technology in modern logistics system
15 Jian Yang, Linbin Wu: Field programming technology for instrument sensorīs correction parameter
16 Zihui Zheng, Xiaohu Zhou: Integration management of strategic supply chain based on genetic algorithm
17 Jia Wang: A computer behavioral analysis algorithm based on image color classification statistics
18 Chengbo Hu, Yongling Lu, Fengbo Tao, Weihua Cheng, Wennan Wu: Auxiliary method of transformer intelligent partial discharge detection based on UWB technology
19 Wei Liu, Shuang Liu: Design of medical track logistics transmission and simulation system based on internet of things
20 Changxing Geng, Peng Wang, Pengbo Wang: Image segmentation algorithm based on improved fuzzy clustering
21 Chengbo Hu, Xiaobo Wang, Yongling Lu, Weihua Cheng, Wei Dai: Research on an improved UWB space location method
22 Tian Bojin, Chen Ke, Ai Qianke, Qiu Xiaoping: Analysis of RFID technology based on technology principles and construction of development model
23 Jun Hu: Application of ZigBee wireless sensor network in gas monitoring system
24 Changxing Geng, Peng Wang, Pengbo Wang: Image registration algorithm based on SIFT feature descriptor
25 Dan Qiu, Shuli Gong: Data acquisition and fusion system based on wireless sensor
26 Rong Tao, Meng Luo Ji: Mining urban active point circle based on spatio - temporal constraint data
27 Ni Na Zhou, Li Wang: Fuzzy adaptive control for boiler based on nonlinear depth recursion
28 Wu Dafei: Software test data generation algorithm based on multi-dimensional space-time granularity
29 Chaotic time series prediction based on the fusion of multi-source collaborative data feature constraints
30 Qu Jie: Practical online learning model based on big data balance
31 Sun Jing: Analysis algorithm for internet of things big data based on multi-granularity functional
32 XiaoFeng Lv: Image analysis of workpiece joints with uncertainty for cooperative feature constraints
33 Yan Zhengshu: Expression of moving object group movement in large scale traffic network
34 Zhang Jing, Guo XinChang: High-dimensional data express model based on tensor
35 Jufang Gong: Semantic analysis of English vocabulary based on random feature selection
36 Cailin Lu: Wireless multimedia network feasible path routing algorithm
37 Hongna Li, Hui Zhao: Fault diagnosis of smart grid based on improved immune optimization algorithm
38 Zhixia Han: Leakage monitoring algorithm of water supply pipe network based on information entropy difference
39 Yulong Qi, Enyi Zhou: Human resource data location privacy protection method based on prefix characteristics
40 Dafei Wu: High-throughput computing optimization of cloud computing platform based on Markov jump
41 Lin Gan, Jun Du, Xingcong Fu: Virtual reality remote control system based on image
42 Wang Bohuai: Research on data acquisition and fusion system based on wireless sensor
43 Zhou Junping: Analysis of key technologies of distributed file system based on big data
44 Guo Jing: Research on application of DDos attack detection technology based on software defined network
45 Hongji Chen: Research on the application of digital media art in animation control based on Maya MEL language
46 Tang Guoqiang: Computer intrusion factor decomposition detection based on biotechnology
47 Jiyun Xu: Optimization design of incineration processing of radioactive solid waste
48 Ning Guangqing: Application of automatic control technology of drilling machine based on PLC
49 Chang Chunyang: Application of PLC technology in fire-fighting control system of oil field united station
50 Shuai Man: Improvement research of genetic algorithm and particle swarm optimization algorithm based on analytical mathematics

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