No. 1, 2000

Table of Contents

Pavel Solin
On a model of polluted gas flow, 1–20

Viktor Valouch
Performance criteria of hybrid power filters, 21–43

Jaroslav Kucera, Pavel Broz, Kryzstof Adamaszek
Decarburization and hardness changes in carbon steels caused by high-temperature surface oxidation in ambient air, 45–64

Ladislav Pust
Vibrations of mechanical system with two piecewise linear characteristics, 65–77

Czeslaw Sajdak, Krzysztof Kurek, Roman Przylucki
Induction melting and preheating of non-ferrous metals in tanks with conductive walls, 79–89

Ales Tondl, Radoslav Nabergoj
The effect of dynamic absorbers for a parametrically excited pendulum type system: numerical results, 91–108