No. 3, 2000

Table of Contents

Frantisek Chvala
On velocity distribution described by the nonlinear Boltzmann equation with boundary conditions and initial data, pp.221-227

Marian Pasko, Janusz Walczak, Magdalena Uminska-Bortliczek
Optimization conditions for the electrical energy quality criterion and compensator synthesis in systems with nonsinusoidal waveforms, pp.229-240

Bohumil Stadnik, Milena Jiraskova
Dependence of the human skin protection against the UV solar carcinoma radiation on the sunscreens and cosmetics layer thickness, pp.241-249

Viktor Pekarek
Emission of electromagnetic waves through the medium of matter waves, genesis of photons in vacuum, pp.251-260

Jiri Klima
Mixed p-z approach for analytical analysis of power converters with periodic PWM, pp.261-279

Ales Tondl
Dynamic absorbers for a pendulum system excited by vortex shedding, pp.281-293

Miroslav Hlavacek
Synovial fluid filtration by articular cartilage with a worn-out surface zone in the human ankle joint during walking. Part I: A mathematical mixture model, pp.295-321

Jerzy Barglik
Influence of input material data on accuracy of thermal calculations at induction heating, pp.323-336

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