No. 4, 2001

Table of Contents

Michal Landa, Premysl Urbanek
Anisotropy detection by lens-less cylindrical ultrasonic probe, pp.337-358

Frantisek Chvala
On velocity distribution of free electrons in a gaseous host medium, pp.359-373

Josef Cadek, Kveta Kucharova, S.J. Zhu
Threshold stress and load transfer effects in creep of an Al-8.5 Fe-1.3 V-1.7 Si-15 SiCp composite, pp.375-398

You Xiaojie, Pavel Pivonka, Viktor Valouch
Design and build of an active power filter based on digital control, pp.399-407

Roman Jezdik, Jan Cerv
Dispersive properties of media discretized by lisa-2D code in wave modelling, pp.409-422

Bohumil Stadnik, Stanislav Javorsky, Oto Köhler, Jiri Kocarek, Frantisek Zatura
Very sensitive diagnostic fluorometer of human cancerous tumours with an acoustical warning system, pp.423-429

Miroslav Knob
Properties of three-phase metal-enclosed lines at a different resistance of enclosures, pp.431-442

Marian Pasko, Krzysztof Sztymelski
Elimination of higher harmonics of source currents by a use of series filters, pp.443-458