No. 4, 2002

Table of Contents

Frantisek Chvala
A note on velocity distribution of free electrons in a gaseous host medium, pp.349-356

Kveta Kucharova, Shijie Zhu, Josef Cadek
High temperature creep behaviour of copper dispersion strengthened with fine alumina particles, pp.357-378

Hedaya Al Asooly, Josef Tlusty, Viktor Valouch
Optimal control of system with series converter only, shunt converter only, or with both series and shunt converters, pp.379-400

Hanus Seiner, Michal Landa
Evaluation of all elastic moduli of anisotropic solids from ultrasonic wave inversion, pp.401-418

Jaroslav Kucera, Borivoj Million, Karel Stransky
Redistribution of Al, C, Cr, Fe, Ni in steel weldments at hight temperatures 500 up to 110 C, pp.419-430

Ryszard Nawrowski, Konrad Skowronek
Operating conditions of a random constant voltage source in an electrical power system, pp.431-444

Miros Pirner, Shota Urushadze
Structural damage assessment using dynamic response, pp.445-466