No. 3, 2005

Table of Contents

Petr Kokes, Stanislav Bartos
Vector control of the induction machine stator magnetic flux, pp.207-231

Vaclav Nenicka, Jiri Sonsky
On the methodology of vortex structures identification in free plasma flows, pp.233-250

Jiri Nohava, Frantisek Kroupa
Nonlinear stress-strain behavior of plasma sprayed ceramic coatings, pp.251-262

Chao Qin, Josef Tlusty, Suonan Jiale, Wang Yibo
Wind-hydro hybrid power system stability analysis and simulation, pp.263-277

Jaroslava Zilkova, Jaroslav Timko, Jan Berko
Speed sensorless control of an induction motor drive using extended Kalman filter, pp.279-289

Irena Kovacova, Jan Kanuch, Dobroslav Kovac
DC permanent magnet disc motor design with improved EMC, pp.291-306,