No. 2, 2006

Table of Contents

Ludek Schreier, Jiri Bendl, Miroslav Chomat, Jiri Klima
Possibility of reducing stray losses and parasitic torques in two-phase emergency feeding of induction motors, pp.109-131

Jiri Büllow
Determination of numerical step for reliable numerical integration of parabolic partial differential equations, pp.133-148

Lubomir Sumichrast
Numerical phase and group velocities in the ADI-FDTD and CNSS-FDTD method, pp.149-163

Daniel Mayer, Bohus Ulrych
Optimal design of electromagnetic actuator with permanent magnets, pp.165-177

Jiri Matejicek, Vladimir Weinzettl, Edita Dufkova, Vojtech Piffl, Vratislav Perina
Plasma sprayed tungsten-based coatings and their usage in edge plasma region of tokamaks, pp.179-191

Phan Tu Vu, Josef Tlusty
Non-uniform finite difference grid approach for modeling grounding systems, pp.193-202

Pavel Zaskalicky, Maria Zaskalicka
Torque ripple calculation of a DC series wound motor supplied by a semi-controlled rectifier, pp.203-211