No. 2, 2007

Table of Contents

Jan Gruber, Jan Hlina, Jiri Sonsky, Jiri Slechta
Plasma torch dynamics in reconstructed phase space, pp. 109-117

Jan Cerv, Frantisek Vales, Tomas Kroupa, Jan Trnka
Wave motion in fibre-reinforced thin orthotropic laminate, pp. 119-127

Daniel Mayer, Bohus Ulrych
Magnetic circuits with permanent magnets, generating strong magnetic fields, pp. 129-138

Miroslav Chomat, Ludek Schreier, Jiri Bendl
Analysis of variable-speed operation of drives with single-phase machines, pp. 139-147

Miroslav Hlavacek
Instantaneous response to loading of biphasic connective tissue models, pp. 149-161

Pavel Ctibor, Karel Neufuss, Sebastien Coullomb, Nicolas Suszwalak, Pavel Chraska
Unconventional ways of testing of alumina plasma sprayed coatings by slurry abrasion response (SAR) test, pp. 163-172

Josef Mrazek
Physics of lightning under control of big scale experiments, pp. 173-186

R. C. Chaudhary, Preeti Jain
Transient free convection flow along an infinite vertial oscillating plate with a step change in wall temperature, pp. 187-204