No. 2, 1997

Table of Contents

Daniel Mayer, Bohus Ulrych
A numerical solution of networks with distributed parameters, 115–127

Jiri Bendl, Ludek Schreier
Disconnection of one phase of asynchronous generator and one-phase operation, 129–144

Robert Kral, Pavel Lukac, Michael Zehetbauer, Milos Janecek
Mechanisms controlling plastic behaviour in Al-Mg and Al-Zn-Mg alloys: A comparison of contemporary models, 145–174

Knesl Z., Kubacek K., Bednar K
Evaluation of the biaxiality parameter using the finite element method, 175–201

Ales Tondl
Vibration absorber for a system with self-excitation synchronized by external excitation, 203–212

Slavka Mitic, Katica (Stefanovic) Hedrih
Nonlinear oscillations of the torsion oscillator with impact masses, 213–226