No. 3, 1997

Table of Contents

Ivo Dolezel
Analysis of fast switching phenomena on long lines and cables, 227–244

M. Elleuch, M. Poloujadoff
A contribution to the modeling of the transformer joints using a new concept of equivalent variable air-gap length, 245–262

Viktor Pekarek
Quantum chaos and dissipations in atomic heat radiator, 263–268

Krzysztof Kurek, Roman Przylucki, Bohus Ulrych
Induction heating as coupled or non-coupled electromagnetic and thermal problems, 269–280

Jiri Klima
Analysis of transient phenomena in PWM voltage fed induction motor, 281–290

Josef Cadek, Vladimir Sustek
An analysis of a set of creep-strain-rate and time-to-creep-fracture data for a 9Cr-1Mo-0.2V steel, 291–309

Jaroslav Timko, Marcela Haluskova
Variable structure double-motor control, 311–318

G. Nath
Finite element solution of unsteady flow in channels, 319–336