No. 5, 1997

Table of Contents

Ivo Dolezel, Josef Hodl, Rudolf Tesar, Bohus Ulrych
Contribution to study of dielectric stress in insulation of a buried telecommunication cable from galvanic overvoltage influences, 539–555

Jaroslav Kucera, Maciej Hajduga
Time dependence of oxidation of Fe-wires in ambient air at 1100°C, 557–568

Josef Mrazek
Thermally activated processes in a disordered polymer structure, 569–581

Zdenek Knesl, Karel Kubacek, Josef Cadek
On the double shear creep test technique using specimens of a very simple geometry, 583–589

Frantisek Kroupa
Quenching residual stresses in continuously thermal sprayed coatings and plates, 591–612

Ales Tondl
To the quenching of a kinematically excited body, 613–621

Werner Eberle, Ulrich Margull, Jurgen Grebler, Jurgen Hirschinger, Wilhelm Prettl, Helmar Kostial, Vit Novak:
Rotating filaments in a n-GaAs Corbino disk, 623–632

Jan Hlina, Vaclav Nenicka
Detection of nonlinear transitions in an arc discharge oscillating in magnetic field, 633–642