No. 5, 1998

Table of Contents

Viktor Valouch
Space vector modulation-based fuzzy control of active filter, 423–434

S.J. Zhu, L.M. Peng, Q. Zhou, Z.Y. Ma, K. Kucharova, J. Cadek
Creep behaviour of aluminium strengthened by fine aluminium carbide particles and reinforced by silicon carbide particulates DS Al-SiC/Al4C3 composites, 435–455

Daniel Mayer, Tomas Muzik
The synthesis of symmetrizing circuit for generalized three-phase network, 457–468

Viktor Valouch, Jiri Skramlik, Ivo Dolezel
Common and differential mode currents in an inverter-fed induction motor drive, 469–491

Ales Tondl
Nonlineary coupled systems: parametric and self-excitations, 493–505

David Vokoun, Vratislav Kafka
Training of two-way shape memory effect in NiTi wire: one experimental procedure, 507–513