No. 1, 1999

Table of Contents

Ivo Dolezel, Rudolf Tesar
Protection of buried telecommunication cables against external electromagnetic influences, 1–15

Vratislav Kafka
Shape memory under complex loading: mesomechanical modeling, 17–33

Jan Hlina, Vaclav Nenicka, Vit Novak, Jurgen Hirschinger, Wilhelm Prettl
Diagnostics of nonlinear dynamic systems for some theoretical and experimental models with the decisive role of convection, 35–77

Petr Filip, Jiri David
On the flow rate and annular arrangement in the Poiseuille flow of power-law fluids, 79–86

Onkar Nath, S.N. Ojha, H.S. Takhar
Propagation of a shock wave in a rotating interplanetary atmosphere with increasing energy, 87–98