No. 4, 1999

Table of Contents

Frantisek Chvala
On linearization of the Boltzmann equation with an external force and a source term, 321–331

Vratislav Kafka
Cumulative damage and its localization in concrete: Mesomechanical model, 333–348

Ales Tondl
The effect of dynamic absorbers for a parametrically excited pendulum type system, 349–363

Daniel Mayer, Svatopluk Zacharias
Mutual inductance of a couple of twisted pair lines in a general position, 365–376

Jaroslav Feda
Classification of collapse modes of soils, 377–392

Jiri Klima
Analytical model of induction motor fed from four-switch space vector PWM inverter. Time domain analysis, 393–410

D. Vokoun, V. Kafka, C.T. Hu
Return point memory in NiTi shape memory alloys, 411–419

Dimitrios V. Bandekas
Robust excitation control method applied to a gasturbine synchronous generator in a multimachine power system, 421–433