No. 3, 1998

Table of Contents

Ivo Dolezel, Daniel Mayer
Operation parameters and characteristics of a superconducting DC electromagnet for magnetic separation, 217–231

Jaroslav Feda
The phenomenon of percolation in the soil structure generation, 233–247

Viktor Valouch
Induction motor voltage-based calculation of magnetic flux, 249–258

Bernard Baron
Substitute impedance of a single-phase current circuit with cylindric conductors, 259–276

Frantisek Kroupa, Martin Vysohlid
Quenching residual stresses in continuously thermal sprayed tubes, 277–300

Ales Tondl
Vibration quenching of an externally excited system by means of dynamic absorber, 301–309

B.K. Chakraborty, H.P. Mazumdar, S. Bandyopadhyay, P. Chatterjee
On the formulation of local skin friction coefficient in a turbulent boundary layer, 311–317

Pankaj K. Chatterjee, G.C. Layek, H.P. Mazumdar
A simple model for the sediment concentration distribution in a turbulent flow with suspended sediment, 319–324